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DO you feel like life is going too fast and you are too busy to focus any attention on YOU?

It’s like no matter how hard you try you never seem to be making any real progress because there just isn’t enough time.

You know you want to make change but you spend all your time reading about what to do, and none of your time actually doing it.

Maybe you are anxious,
burnt out,
no time to do all the things.

If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

I’m Anna. I am a Certified Coach & Breathwork Facilitator, a mum of 2 boys and a lifetime learner of all things health and well-being. I’m a WELLNESS enthusiast and I can’t wait to be a cheerleader on your journey.

I am here to help you conquer your anxiety, master your mindset and be more confident so you can live a happier, healthier life.


Your best self is just around the corner, if you’ll allow me to show you the way.

Together we’ll find a way to re-prioritise you; no matter how much work you do, how many kids you have or whatever other life ‘stuff’ you have going on.

I’ll be your accountability partner and while I'm relatable and friendly, I’ll most certainly help you get shit done so that you can achieve all the things you want to.

I wholeheartedly believe in progress, not perfection.

I’m here to show you that the key to happiness is already within you. I’ll help you learn how to look after yourself so that everything in your life feels effortless and easy.

Because when you prioritise you – then you become a better Mother, Friend, Partner. The flow on effect is limitless.

How good would it be to get on top of your anxiety, overwhelm and stress so that you can be YOUR BEST YOU?

It’s totally within arm’s reach. Let me show you the way.

Are you ready to:

  • Radically overhaul your health and wellbeing
  • Step into your power and learn the tools and habits you need to be your true self
  • Release the stress, anxiety and fear that’s controlling your daily life

It is my personal mission as your coach to take you further than you may think you can go yourself.

To get you feeling calmer, happier, healthier and more confident by imparting you with the tools you need to get there.


See what others have to say:

’Thank you Anna for taking the time to coach me – your guidance really showed me that I’m not alone and how important it is to prioritise myself, not only for me but also so I can be better for those around me.

From the first session I felt comfortable and at ease, my loved ones have noticed a difference in me, and I’ve noticed a difference in myself – I don’t get stressed or angry as quickly as I used to and I take time for myself now without guilt which is huge for me.

All the meditations and podcasts you recommended have helped me so much and I have 3 words for you. BLOODY FRICKIN AMAZING!

Marisa G.


Some things we can work on or with include:

  • Overcoming anxiety, reducing stress and overwhelm

  • Increasing confidence

  • Improving your mindset

  • Nutrition

  • Health and wellness habits and low tox living

  • Meditation

  • Essential Oils

  • Journalling

  • Goal-setting

  • Your business

  • Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Self-love and self-care

  • Manifesting and vision boarding

  • Money mindset

One Off Breakthrough 1.5 hour one on one session.
$150 AU


6 x sessions (3 month) $1200AU or payment plan available.

12 x sessions (6 month) $1800 AU coaching series which includes:

  • Fortnightly 1 hour online sessions.
  • Unlimited email & voxer support during your series.
  • Free lifetime access to my private Facebook community with other like-minded individuals.
  • Tailored resources/ Personal Plan PDF (unique to you).
  • Meditation recommendations based on your unique challenges and desires.

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