3 Sneaky Ways I Get My Kids To Eat Their Veggies!

I, like many other mums I’m sure, have one kid who eats their veggies no issue and the other one who gags even at the sight of one.

Being pretty health conscious myself, getting my kids to eat their veg is really important to me and so when all else fails ….I HIDE them.

This is not really anything revolutionary….I’m certain this is a trick used in many households but I thought I’d share a few of the ways I do it in case it gave you any new ideas!


The first one and the EASIEST is good old spag bol.  To every batch of Bolognese I make, I add about 2 carrots, 1 zucchini, 2 celery sticks and a punnet of mushrooms. (I even sometimes puree some pumpkin and add that in when I have time….) The trick is to chuck it all in a food processor or thermomix and make it so small they can’t see it. My kids love spag bol, it’s probably their favourite dinner and when they eat it I know they’ve had their veg!


Oh the list is endless with smoothies…and another little mum hack is getting them used to green smoothies from babies…just give them a sip here or there or order them one at a cafe, if they grow up eating the green ones, chances are they’ll acquire a taste to them…..and at home, say you’re making a berry smoothie for example, you can add a couple of cucumbers and they will be none the wiser…

If you’re making a choc oat smoothie….you can add a whole zucchini and they won’t even know it’s there! I tend to keep little ziplock bags in the freezer of a zucchini, banana, a cup of berries and some oats….so it’s all ready to go! Click here for a basic smoothie recipe – just add a zucchini and tbsp of cacao to this one and it’s chocolate flavoured.


Another fave of mine is choc brownies made with sweet potato…check out my recipe here. The kids think they’re getting these really decadent choc brownies not realising they’re eating a vegetable. #mumwin

The possibilities are endless and if you have any #sneakyveg tips, please let me know by commenting!

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