Beat The Cold And Flu Season With Essential Oils

Can you believe there has been snow in the suburbs of Melbourne?

It’s bloody FREEZING here at the moment and I’ve been following a friends Facebook and Snapchats¬†feeling rather envious of their warm Qld holiday! (Hi, Alisha ūüėČ …hehe…

I think next year I will be doing the same thing with my family!

For the meantime though, while I’m stuck in this freezing Melbourne weather and 32 weeks pregnant with an unwell, run down toddler, I thought I’d share how you can use the oils to beat the cold and to look after your family if you do get hit with the flu!

So my favourite oil is EASY AIR¬†(This is called ‘breathe’ in the U.S)¬†which is best described as a healthier alternative to Vicks with 100 % pure essential oils (and unlike vicks, no nasties). It can be diffused or used topically…

As a kid I remember being sick and my mum covering me in Vicks, my feet, chest and back and it was the best feeling ever!

Now I do the same thing, but with the EASY AIR ROLL ON which is already diluted for topical use.
So good before my little one goes to bed so he has a good sleep and can breathe!

Next is ON GUARD which can be diffused in the air to kill airborne germs, pathogens and viruses which is a great thing to do often in winter when we are closed up indoors often.

You can also use the ON GUARD ROLL ON as a preventative to getting sick. Just apply to the soles of your feet every day (you can also make a hand sanitizer with this blend as it’s so good at killing germs!)

My husband’s favourite oil is OREGANO, whenever he starts to feel a tickle¬†in his throat he adds a drop to a glass of water or a tablespoon of honey and drinks and it generally stops that tickle in its tracks!

This is a pretty strong one and burns so if you don’t want that burning feeling, you can always apply it diluted to the soles of your feet. It comes already diluted with coconut oil in the OREGANO TOUCH Roll On which is handy!

These are my 3 main ‘cold and flu season’ oils, there are so many more you can add to the mix, but I like to keep it simple!

My other tips for cold and flu season is SOUPS!

Bone broths, stocks or whatever you want to call them are so good for your health, immunity and nothing says comfort winter food more than a big bowl of nourishing soup!

So, there you go! That’s how my family stays well in winter.

All these oils plus quite a few more are available in the enrollment kits if you want to become a doterra customer so you can get the oils for the same price I do.

There’s usually a $35 joining fee but it’s waived when you buy a starter kit.

Also this month, the Doterra touch kit as seen below (my fave kit as all the oils come in roller bottles and are already diluted Рa great one for mums, bubs and the kiddies!) is 10% off!

So, are you ready to use these magical oils for health and wellness?

You can follow the instructions below to order or you can always reply to this email or contact me on 0427 584 849 if you have any more questions! I love spreading the message of wellness and am happy to help in any way I can!


  • Click join & save
  • Choose your language & country
  • Select
    ‘Local Warehouse’
  • Choose ‘Wholesale’
  • Enter your personal information (if you don’t have an ABN that’s ok, it will still process the order)
  • At enroller ID, enter my number if it hasn’t automatically populated:¬†1957122
  • Then click verify (it should show you my name)
  • Give yourself an easy to remember password
  • Then you’re ready to click on over to the next page
  • Here, you’ll choose what you’d like to order. You’ll see the enrolment kits at the top and you simply select which one you would like.
  • You’ll then enter your CC details and process your order.


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