Why I Choose Doterra

Why out of all the essential oil companies out there, do I choose to use and work with Doterra?

the co-impact sourcing model. Basically, this means doTERRA works with farmers from all over the world, to develop co-operatives and to find where it’s best to source the oil so that it has the highest therapeutic value possible. This also means the harvesting of essential oil plants creates jobs and opportunity where previously there was none. Doterra is an extremely philanthropic company. The work they do with ‘Healing Hands’ helps build schools, gets fresh running water in villages that previously had no access and give jobs to communities that may not have had such work under different circumstances.

Watch this video to learn more about co-impact sourcing.

Their certified, pure, therapeutic grade quality. There are no nasty extras in these little bottles, just 100% pure essential oil of the highest quality. If you read the label of a lot of essential oil companies you will find maybe 10% essential oil and the rest fillers. This is absolutely not the case with doTERRA. You can click here to read more about their CPTG standard.

The people I get to work with. The women I have met who are incorporating doTERRA into their business and daily lives are so supportive and it is an amazing community and like no other business model I have experienced.

I love that I have replaced almost all of my household cleaners, beauty products and perfumes with essential oils. I am sensitive to so many chemical cleaners etc and having eczema it is really hard to find beauty products that don’t irritate me. Using essential oils means I’m not using toxins on my skin or in my home which is so important.






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