My Top 10 (Non-Toxic) Beauty Buys

I have been asked so much recently about what I use in terms of beauty products now that I tend to try to steer clear of toxins and non organic products so I thought I would write a post reviewing my top 10 products I’m currently using.

I suffer from (quite severe at times) eczema & all of the products I use have not irritated my skin at all.

This is my top concern when using new beauty products.


INIKA FOUNDATION I use this foundation in ‘beige’ and have been for about 3 years. I would say it gives medium coverage ( although you could build it to heavy coverage) and is quite long lasting. It’s loaded with Vitamin E, argan and rosehip oils and is certified vegan and organic. This is by far my fave non-toxic makeup brand.


INIKA EYEBROW PENCIL This works really well for filling in brows and comes in awesome natural colours. I use this one almost everyday & like the foundation, it’s vegan with certified organic ingredients.


ERE PEREZ BLUSH I just bought this last week after not really liking any of the other natural blush’s I have tried. It’s awesome and goes on exactly the same as conventional blush minus the nasties. It’s made of pure rice powder and contains an SPF 15+ as well!


ECO TAN COCONUT DEODORANT I’m actually using the spray deodorant but it looks like it has been     discontinued and they are now stocking it in roll on form. It takes a while for your body to get used to     natural deodorant after you’ve used the conventional stuff so you have to be patient when starting. I reckon it took my body about 6 months to get used to it and now it does the job perfectly. (it won’t stop you from sweating – which is a natural bodily function to release toxins – but it will keep you smelling fresh. If you’re only going to switch one thing in your beauty list, make it this. You don’t want to be using nasty conventional deodorants.

I don’t use deodorant every day. On hot days and if I have something to attend yes, but otherwise I go without and I have never been told I smell bad…lol.

Click here to read an interesting article about why Cameron Diaz doesn’t wear deodorant.


WELEDA SKIN FOOD This is a super heavy, rich moisturiser that is meant for use on really dry parts of your skin. I use it on my hand dermatitis and I also use it as my facial moisturiser – it’s probably to heavy for most as a facial moisturiser but I have eczema and extremely dry skin so this stuff is perfect for me.

Weleda’s skin food is award winning and their formulation hasn’t been changed since 1926!!

It’s free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colours and frangrances. It’s also cruelty free and vegetarian.


NATULIQUE CURL DEFINING HAIR CREAM I don’t often leave my hair natural but sometimes with a toddler it’s hard to make time to straighten my mop of hair. It’s also a pain in the ass in summertime when it’s hot and you just can’t be bothered. i recently tried this hair product and loved it. I literally wash my hair, towel dry it and run the hair cream through my mid lengths and ends. It gives me a nice natural curl without the frizz or the crunch that mousse gives.

This product is a salon only product and I get it from Republika Salon in Bentleigh East (Melb)

It’s certified organic, and free of parabens, paraffins and sulfates.


ECO TAN INVISIBLE TAN When I need a fake tan, this is what I use. It gives the nicest colour (NO orange) and looks totally natural.

It’s certified organic, aus certified toxin free and cruelty free. I love this brand and use heaps of their products.


WOTNOT NATURAL SUNSCREEN MOST mainstream sunscreens use chemical UV-absorbers. This sunscreen doesn’t use these chemicals.

It offers skin nourishing, sun protection using a physical barrier of zinc oxide. I use this on myself and my 18 month old toddler. It smells divine and works really well.


DOTERRA LIP GLOSS This gloss keeps my lips soft all day. It includes peppermint and orange essential oil and smells divine.


DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS There are too many oils to list and if you are a follower of my blog already, then you already know a lot of the ways I use oils. A few of my faves are frankincense for fine lines, wrinkles, dermatitis and eczema and lavender for a relaxing shower or bath. I also use essential oils as perfumes now and always get complimented on the scent.


For toothpaste I’m currently trying Miessence Herbal Toothpaste which I don’t love so I’ll get back to you once I’ve found a great one!

I hope you enjoyed this post & if there are any natural products you have tried and love, let me know 🙂



***Please note, I am in no way affiliated with any of these products (excepting DoTerra), I simply use them and love them and wanted to recommend them.











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