Guest Interview with Danielle Wicks

A little while ago I interviewed Danielle Wicks (who has also been featured on The Today Show Australia).

Here she shares her families healthy habits and a healthy twist on a classic Nacho’s recipe for you to enjoy guilt free!


Tell me about your family?
I have 3 gorgeous little munchkins. My boy turned 2 only days ago, my girls are 3 and 5. I am married to an amazing man, Jamie, who challenges me on a regular basis and is truly my soulmate – we’re a good team.

What does health and wellness mean to you?
Good question. I think health and wellness means so much more than just eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle, it is about how you feel both physically and mentally. Mental and spiritual health is equally as important as physical health. The mental and spiritual health is what is often overlooked and it has a huge impact on how you feel physically. Healthy body, healthy mind – healthy mind, healthy body.

What is the hardest thing you find in keeping your family/kids eating healthy foods?
Variety. I’m thankful that I started my kids on healthy foods from birth, I think it would be incredibly hard to switch them to a healthier diet from the Standard Australian Diet. My kids would rotate about 3 meals constantly if they could.

How do you deal with it?
I get them involved in meal planning and go through what we are eating in a week. I let them chose one dish each (obviously just my girls, my little man is a too small just yet) and then negotiate the other meals with them.

What advice would you give to another Mum  if she just wanted to change one thing to become a healthier household?
Smoothies! Seriously, you can make so much yummy and healthy smoothies and give them fancy names to get them to drink them. It’s generally the look rather than the taste that stops them so having a good name helps. Turtle juice or Dinosaur juice is a good one for us for green drinks, Barbie’s favourite is anything pink and I make a lot of healthy chocolate smoothies with Kale in them so they obviously don’t need the creativity that the other flavours do.

What is your non negotiable when it comes to keeping your family healthy?
I actually have quite a few.  Refined sugar, MSG, soft drink (my kids think soda water with a squeeze of lemon is soft drink), fast food.

Do you have an easy family friendly recipe to share?
Certainly do, I have heaps. Here’s my kids all time favourite. My twist on Nachos –


Danielle’s Bio:
Danielle Wicks has a passion for health from before birth. After getting through Stomach Cancer naturally 7 years ago and being in and out of hospital since the age of 11, she believes that her story could have been different if a healthier lifestyle was adopted earlier in life. A little bit unconventional, Danielle simplifies the overwhelm of health information out there. Danielle knows you want answers to what’s happening with our food supply, what we need to eat or avoid and what is essential to build healthy kids. Danielle is a Mother of 3 wonderfully healthy kids and has been there and wants to help others cut through the overwhelm. She runs two websites and and is releasing interviews on with some of the top health minds in the world today in the coming weeks. Sign Up at to get updated.

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