My DoTERRA Team: Meet Vicki

I would like to take the opportunity to start introducing you to the wonderful women on my doTERRA team.


The first person I am introducing is Vicki. 


Vicki lives in Perth, WA and has been on our team for about 3 months!


How long have you been using essential oils?

I’ve been using doTERRA for about 3 months now…

What made you want to get involved with Doterra?

I have been involved in natural therapy for about 8 years and then 

became interested in essential oils in the last 8 months.

I started listening to different online essential oils summit talks and just
fell in love with what essential oils represent in our own wellness.
I came across doTERRA essential oil company through my own research
and then Anna happened to post something about essential oils so I
contacted her asking what company she was involved in which happened
to be doTERRA.

I love that the companies standards are extremely high
regarding the safety of their products and are 100% Certified Pure
Therapeutic Grade essential Oils.
What are 3 ways you use the products that you’d like to share?

I use doTERRA every day diffusing is my favourite way of using
essential oils as it spreads throughout the house.

At the moment I diffuse Easy Air as I suffer from hay-fever and have found it helps
relieve my itching eyes and nose, so it is my best friend.
I am also using Deep Blue which I dilute with fractionated coconut oil
and rub on my legs and lower back morning and night, as I do alot of
running so this helps soothe my sore muscles l am in love with this one!
My other favourite at the moment is lavender which I use in the bath
for relaxing at the end of a busy week. This is my chill out oil.

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