This Was A Hard One To Write

My coaching packages are almost here which is so exciting!!! I’m so looking forward to helping people achieve health and wellness and it makes me think I should probably say how I got here and why I want to be doing this…

I don’t know if you know this about me but I had terrible anxiety in my early twenties seemingly all of a sudden out of nowhere.

Well, maybe not completely out of nowhere. I, like many other people my age and of my generation was a crazy party animal for a very long time enjoying plenty of crazy all nighters at various nightclubs and festivals.

In regards to my eating habits I was a junk food fiend and a sugar monster (I still kind of am and it really is an effort to not eat sweets when they are in front of me but 9 times out of 10 I don’t so it’s all good!! lol) 80/20 rule right?

PLUS now I eat healthy sweets made with real foods so I get my sweet fix and can be healthy all at the same time!

Anyway back to my story.

I also have always had an extremely complicated relationship with my Mum so I suppose the anxiety that ‘all of a sudden came out of nowhere’ was a whole lead up of things just waiting to blow up.

I moved out of home and in with my future in laws at 23 years of age which was when it all started and nearly cost my husband and I our marriage before we even officially tied the knot. 

This anxiety got to a stage where I could no longer work, no longer drive and was a nervous wreck 23 out of 24 hours a day. 

This from someone that used to want to go out every night of the week. That used to drive anywhere and everywhere and had no fear about anything! Gosh I used to get myself into some stupid situations…..So to say feeling anxious all the time was hard is an understatement.

I couldn’t breathe half the time and was putting on so much weight because all I could do was sit at home, eat crap and smoke cigarette after cigarette to try to make myself feel better. Little did I know I was making myself so much worse.

This all went on for about 4 years and it was a really hard time for me. 

It was really hard for my husband as well but at the time I just didn’t care because I could only concentrate on me and how shit I felt.

Slowly, slowly I started delving into things like Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Essential Oils and and anything ‘alternative’ really, as the countless doctors that I had gone to didn’t help me in the slightest except to say take this pill for the rest of your life and you’l feel better.
Um, no thank-you!

I felt like getting better took me so much longer than maybe just taking the pills the doctor offered me but I didn’t like the idea of relying on something other than myself to make me feel better for the rest of my life so I guess I took the harder, longer road but I’m really glad I did.

You know what worked for me? All the alternative stuff and a complete change in my diet.

And removing myself from drama and negativity.

And most people that know me now say one of two things. The ones that knew me in my pre anxiety days can’t believe how different I am & the ones that didn’t know me back then? Well, I think they have a hard time believing me because I am so different now.

Now I actually meditate. Do you know what I would say about people that meditated in my pre anxiety days? Nothing positive, that’s for sure.

I eat whole foods. I remember once years ago my best friend and I went to a vegan cafe (her sister was into health) and I looked around and was like what the f*** am I going to eat??? 
I ate maccas about 3 times a week back then mind you.

Back then I smoked cigarettes, ate junk every day and I couldn’t go to a nightclub without drinking among other things. All the things that now make me cringe.

So as I said; now I meditate, I eat whole foods, I love things like yoga and nature and I DEFINITELY don’t smoke or spend all night at nightclubs and haven’t for a very, very long time. (in fact I don’t remember the last time I was in a nightclub.

Obviously I’m human so sometimes I do still eat crap or have negative thoughts and feelings but the difference is now I know how to move forward and get on with being healthy and well instead of dwelling or feeling sorry for myself.

I also use essential oils daily (which is why I became an essential oils wellness advocate) and when I had anxiety I used oils as medicine along with meditation and eating better.

About a year after my anxiety issues I opened a natural and organic hair salon and I really was a different person. I loved having my salon, I loved my clients and doing their hair and I loved running a business. 

3 years later I sold the salon because my gorgeous little munchkin Costa was born and now I have decided to pursue my passion and hobbies as a career which is why I am now a health and wellness coach and a wellness advocate for essential oils.

That’s why you’re reading this today.

This was quite a hard post to write because I feel a bit vulnerable opening up like I just did but my only hope in doing this is that I help you understand my why a bit better and know that helping others get healthy through lifestyle changes, eating better or by using essential oils is what I love to do!

And in summary here’s 12 things you probably didn’t know about me 
(I’d love to know more about you too. Comment below 12 things I didn’t know about you and let’s all get to know each other a bit better!)

  1. My favourite colour is red
  2. I want 4 boys. 1 out, 3 to go. LOL
  3. I’m the eldest of 4
  4. When I was young I was obsessed with witches, wizards and dragons (kind of getting back to my roots with all this spirituality lol)
  5. I’ve been with my husband (on and off) since I was 15
  6. I’m a chocaholic
  7. I’m obsessed with reality TV
  8. I wanted to be a journalist and work for a magazine as a kid
  9. I’m an Aries
  10. I’m an introvert and an INFP personality type. You can take the test here it’s scary accurate 
  11. I could talk to someone about astrology and star signs allllllll friggin day!
  12. My great grandmother was a nun! In a Greek Orthodox Monastery!

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