A Review// High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace by Tara Bliss

Every now and again you read a book that really speaks to you. 

Or you just absolutely love it and it completely engrosses you.

I’ve always loved reading so I have had a love affair with many books.

My genre of choice is probably a tie between memoirs and self-help. 

And occasionally a really, really good fiction.

Quite fitting then that Tara Bliss’ book High: A Party Girls Guide to Peace took me less than 2 days to get through because I couldn’t put it down.

Part memoir, part self-help, if you can’t tell from the title it’s about how to turn from party girl to peace girl.

I’m NO party girl, but I used to be, so I could definitely relate. 

And even after years of not being a party girl, reading it, I still got great insights and a lot out of it.

Reading how Tara went from crazy, party girl to peace seeking, spiritual, self-loving, healthy hippie is seriously inspiring and I honestly think so many of us can relate.

I know I can.

I love books that speak to your soul and this truly spoke to mine.

If your busy and want to buy the audio version and have it in your headphones while you go about your day click here and then make sure to let me know what you thought in the comments below…

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