Why How I Eat Isn’t How You Should

I recently saw a naturopath and had IgG testing done (food sensitivity test).

I was eating pretty healthily but my eczema was worse than it had been in a while and I was wondering what was going on.

Just to give you a little bit of an idea as to what I was eating I will tell you I am a HUGE sweet tooth and need to have something to satisfy that almost every day.

For the past few months that has consisted of making desserts made out of bananas, almond meal and a natural sweetener like dates or rice malt syrup plus cacao to satisfy my chocolate cravings.

I also was having dairy and wheat here and there (not often but enough to maybe irritate my eczema; this I already know is a problem) plus eggs almost every day for breakfast.

 When I had the testing done I figured gluten, wheat and dairy would come back as my sensitivities and I guess I just wanted it in black and white so I could be stricter with myself.

Well! I was half right… it was the extras that threw me for a loop….

This is my list that came back as having a sensitivity to;

  • dairy (including yoghurt, milk, all cheeses – the only thing in the dairy category that didn’t come up was fetta)
  • wheat 
  • bananas!!!
  • almonds!!!
  • eggs
  • kidney beans
  • green beans
  • pineapple


So obviously my almost daily consumption of bananas and almonds plus my egg breakfasts was the culprit of my eczema.

It’s only been a week since I have eliminated these foods but so far my eczema is getting better!

Clearly what this shows is that what works for one person doesn’t work for another and what I react to, you won’t.

You will have your own sensitivities or if you’re lucky, none at all.

This test works by taking a sample of your blood and testing it against 90+ foods to see if you have an immune response.

Symptoms of a food sensitivity are much milder than an actual allergy and people can live with these for years without even realising.

Eczema, headaches, irritable bowel and arthritis are just naming a few.

Usually people notice an improvement in these conditions once they eliminate these foods.

IgG testing is a really good way of giving you a tailored diet to suit your specific needs if you have issues such as the ones mentioned above.

Also, because I have had an immune response to so many foods I need to heal my gut.

For me at the moment, this includes drinking bone broth every day & taking a daily pro biotic supplement.



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