Warbotanicals Product Review



This product range is so amazing I don’t even know where to start!
Let me try break it down.
Since I was a child I have suffered from eczema. Not sort of just a little bit of childhood eczema, I mean FULL ON WAS HOSPITALISED TWICE severe worst kind you can get ezcema!
Unfortunately this didn’t cease once I became an adult. It did improve drastically but it is still there.
I know if I am stressed, tired or not looking after myself properly (read:using toxic ingredients on my body or eating rubbish) it flares up.
Unfortunately again, my flare up spots are mainly on my face, under my eyes and around my mouth. So I can’t exactly hide them.
I have tried many products and spent thousands of dollars over the years on moisturisers for my face which either irritate me or just don’t work.
Enter Warbotanicals.
This product range offers haircare, skincare, mama and baby care as well as essential oils and pre-blended mixes.
At the moment I use the Night Renewal Cream which is basically a steal at $20!
It’s quite a heavy, rich cream so perfect for mature aged skin and of course dry dehydrated skin. It also has frankincense in it which is great to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The bane of an eczema sufferers life!
This is not the only product in the range I have used but it is the only one I will really talk about in this blog post otherwise I will be here til next week tooting the benefits of this entire range.
We’ll save this for a few other blog posts.
All of Warbotanicals products are non-toxic, not tested on animals and they smell absolutely divine!
Of course their haircare range is free from SLS and SLES and is safe for the whole family to use, they even have something for pets!
Check out the entire range here

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