I’m so grateful you’re here!
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I’m Anna Mihelis. I help women conquer their anxiety, master their mindset and BE more confident so they can BE happier and healthier.

I’m a Certified Mindset and Manifestation Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

Whether you choose to work with me via attending one of my breathwork classes, hire me as your personal coach, join my growing Insta community or simply read my blog and musings here, I am deeply committed to helping you become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Thank you Anna for taking the time to coach me – your guidance really showed me that I’m not alone and how important it is to prioritise myself, not only for me but also so I can be better for those around me.

From the first session I felt comfortable and at ease, my loved ones have noticed a difference in me, and I’ve noticed a difference in myself – I don’t get stressed or angry as quickly as I used to and I take time for myself now without guilt which is huge for me.

All the meditations and podcasts you recommended have helped me so much and I have 3 words for you. BLOODY FRICKIN AMAZING!

- Marisa Gigis -