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If you’re looking for a way to do something you love while having financial freedom and making lasting changes to your life you are going to love joining me working with essential oils.

I honestly feel like its one of the best decisions I have made and am so blessed to be on an amazing team of women.

If you join my team you will get; 

  • world class training and teachings
  • access to online classes and seminars
  • access to private groups of inspiring and amazing women to work with
  • the ability to make whatever your heart desires financially

A little caveat, it really makes a difference what team you decide to join and I am lucky enough to have signed up and joined with an extremely successful, helpful and inspiring team who have helped me immensely on my journey with essential oils.

When you join my team, you join theirs.

If your passion is health and wellness then this is for you.

If you want the ability to work your own hours, have financial freedom, do something you love then I would love to send you more info.

We have masseurs, yoga instructors, coaches, hairdressers and stay at home mums on board just to name a few of the wonderful women on our team.

If you are wanting a get rich quick scheme, this is NOT for you.

Your business will grow if you are

  • willing to build your own team
  • willing to spend time on your business
  • ready to order an enrolment kit
  • Are passionate about the products and improving people’s lives through health and wellbeing.



Here is a snapshot of the potential earnings as a wellness advocate; 




If you want to set up a time to chat (no obligation) email me at info@annamihelis.com and I would be happy to answer all your questions!