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All About Essential Oils 

Everyone these days wants to live a healthier, safer, toxin-free life, including me, which is why I use essential oils.

The oils I use represent the safest and most beneficial available on the market.


Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, flowers, stems, roots and other parts of plants.

They have been used throughout history medicinally, in beauty treatments, and in other health care practices.

Essential oils carry antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti viral properties and have been used to manage moods, increase vitality and to improve overall general health and well-being,

These oils can be diffused to lift your mood, rubbed on your temples for a headache as well as used for all sorts of other concerns and ailment.

Essential oils can be a safe and effective complementary therapy to include in your wellness regime.

Just some of their uses can include;

  • mood enhancement
  • household cleaning
  • safe and effective alternative treatments for the whole family (headaches, colds, eczema etc)






How to experience the oils…

If you are interested in learning more, you can hold a workshop at your home (if you are Melbourne, AUS based) where you will get to experience the delicious aromas and different uses.

You can order retail BUT if you want to save money or order online, you can open up a wholesale account! (which is the most cost effective way of using these world class products)

With a wholesale account you; 

  • SAVE up to 25% – 30% on all orders
  • Are eligible to participate in a loyalty rewards program
  • Are eligible to receive the FREE product of the month
  • Have the ability to receive commissions/bonuses for sharing with friends and family or building an extremely profitable business if you fall in love with the oils like I have.

Why not email me at info@annamihelis.com to learn more or to schedule a time to chat 🙂



+++Wellness Advocate Opportunities+++
I am part of an amazing team of gorgeous women who love sharing their passion for essential oils and helping women on their way to wellness! If you are interested in opening a wholesale account and earning some commissions by sharing with friends and loved ones then, I would love to help you! Or if you would like to build a business and make a full time income, then welcome to my team!! Find out more here or Email me: info@annamihelis.com and we can organise a time to chat.