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Hi there lovely,

I’m Anna & I’m so glad our paths have now crossed.

I’m a Mummy of 2 beautiful boys and most of my daily grind consists of loving & caring for them.

In my spare time, my passion is educating people on essential oils and how to incorporate them into their daily lives for wellbeing.

Before I tell you all about how great essential oils can be for you and how you can even create the life you have always wanted through Doterra, I think it’s a good idea to explain how they helped me and what lead me down this path.

For years as a youngling, I was your typical party girl. Always out and about and not really looking after myself too much.

Fun came first and my body and mindset was always second fiddle.

Until all of a sudden when I was in my early twenties anxiety hit. HARD.

I was no longer able to work, could no longer drive, couldn’t go out anywhere and socialise and was basically a shell of the fun loving, hard-working, hard partying, twenty something year old I once was.

It was quite a terrible experience and it set me on a path to wellness. Not that I knew it then…

One of my lovely hair clients invited me to an essential oils workshop where I learnt how aromatherapy could work for anxiety and how essential oils can work for health and wellness.

I bought some recommended oils and started using them to help with anxiety, stress, panic and found they really helped. I actually fell in love with essential oils and haven’t stopped using them since.

Along with quitting my bad habits like smoking, eating crap all the time and partying slightly too hard I really credit essential oils to helping me overcome a really hard time in my life.

Once I started to feel more like myself again (albeit, a healthier version) I decided to open a Natural & Organic Hair Salon where I incorporated essential oils into all of my clients treatments.

I also started my Naturopathy studies where, again, essential oils were mentioned over and over. They really have been used since the beginning of time!


If you have a passion for wellness and never thought your passion could give you financial freedom. Think again. People have never cared more about their health and Doterra are an amazing company that reward you for doing something as simple as sharing your passion with others.

If you are curious about what these oils can do for you, we can take the next steps together and I can guide and mentor you on how to make these amazing products work for you.